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Face and Body Art for the Front Range

Painting to Enhance Your Holiday

Holiday Shopping

Hey there Colorado Springs! I will be at Ivywild School on Sunday, November 10th for the Misfits Holiday fair painting faces. Bring the kids and come shop for the holidays!

News and Events


Body Art

Body Painting can be used as a fine art addition to your home, to enhance your cosplay character design, or to commemorate your pregnancy. 

**Attention, this is a body art gallery, as such, there is nudity.


We create our own henna paste using high quality henna Rajastani henna powder, black tea, sugar, and a blend of essential oils. We will soon be offering temporary white henna, jagua henna blends. Henna parties for after prom, or as a ladies' night in, festivals and even weddings are available. Contact us to set up your perfect henna event.

Face Painting

From birthday parties to festivals to company picnics and more! We provide face painting for all ages. We can incorporate your theme into our work or create custom artwork on the spot. We use only FDA approved make up and cosmetic grade glitters.

Get to Know Us

We use a variety of professional FDA approved make ups and cosmetic grade poly glitters. Brands that we use include, Paradise by Mehron, Wolfe, Diamond Effects, Chameleon, Global, FAB, Kryolan, Ruby Red, Superstar, Mama Clown's glitter, Mehron, Ben Nye.

Our artists have been attending conferences and workshops as well as online resources to consistently improve the quality of our services and explore new products and techniques from top names in the business.

Jessica Wheeler is the main artist here at Ephemeral Art and has been painting in the Front Range region for over 14 years.

Some of our art partners include

Sam Speigel has been body painting 2012. In addition to his ambitious solo projects, he and Jessica frequently partner on body painting projects. To see his solo work and more of their joint projects you can go to


Ready to book a party? Have a question?Want to give us feedback for a recent service we provided? Send us a note, we'd love to hear from you!

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What are your paints/make ups made out of?

We use a variety of make ups that have skin safe colorants and are suspended in mediums such as glycerine, lanoline, or paraffin. The brands we use include Paradise by Mehron, Mehron, Wolfe, Diamond FX, Kryolan, Global, Chameleon, FAB, Snazaroo, Ruby Red, Ben Nye, TAG, Dips

What do I need to provide for the face painter to set up?

We need a 6'x6' space and adequate lighting. Depending on the length of the event, our painters will need a few restroom breaks and access to fresh water. We can provide our own tables and chairs. If needed, we can bring an EZup shelter to provide shade for your guests.

How do I remove the face paint?

Soap and water or cold cream will remove most make ups. Some colors can leave a residue, a baby wipe can help in these cases. If some gets on clothing, use some OxyClean or another pre-treater before washing as usual.

How much does a face painting party cost?

Our rates vary from $80-$120 per hour. Rates depend on the duration, event requirements, location, and artistic needs. There is a one hour minimum booking requirement.

Dang! I didn't plan enough time for all my guests to get painted, can you stay a little extra?

As long as we aren't booked for an event directly following yours, we are happy to stay, we can add time in half hour increments.

I'm a festival organizer, can you set up a booth and paint for us?

Absolutely, we LOVE festivals! Give us a call at 719.216.9868. Or Contact Us above and we will call you.

Can you paint/henna for my charity/church event for free?

The cost of professional face and body art might surprise you. The products, insurance, travel, tents,tables, chairs, and ongoing art education costs are significant. As such, we cannot do any event for free. We are happy to donate a portion of our proceeds to select causes. An alternate possibility is to have a local business sponsor an artist at your event.

You said you were available for my event, does that mean it's booked?

No, a booking requires a signed contract to secure an artist for your event.

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